Take Your Relationship
to an 11!

"We support couples and teach strong communication skills to lessen the
conflict and deepen the intimacy in your relationship for you to thrive as an individual and together to lead a happier life."
- Naomi & Martin

Relationship Reboot Program
Does your relationship need a REBOOT?

  • Do you find that you are bickering more with your partner?
  • Is time together something you don't really look forward to?
  • Do you feel unloved, misunderstood and bottom of the pile?
  • Do you feel you are drifting apart?
  • Do you love time apart and dread time together?
  • Communication is not happening?
  • Zero intimacy?
  • Irritated, fed up and frustrated?
  • Has there been a breakdown in trust?
With divorce rates being so high we need to ask, what is going on for couples right now?
Why have we become so inept at making relationships last?

The 1 to 11 is a simple step by step program that we use to teach couples and individuals a process that they can use immediately to begin to improve their current relationship situation.

Relationships take work and can be a real struggle if you constantly feel like you are being misunderstood and not heard. Poor quality relationships have a huge negative impact on our lives leaving us feeling anxious, sad and lonely.

It can be hard to see any solution to your problems when you feel 'stuck' and that "this is just how it is."

What if this isn't how it has to be?
What if there was a way to be that is very different and can take your relationship to the next level?

We have worked with couples who have been at various stages in their relationships, from one of them having moved out to some just wanting to have more fun together.

How would you currently rate your relationship out of 10?
Where would you LOVE your relationship to be out of 10?
Wherever you are at, we will show you have to take it to an 11!

Our RELATIONSHIP REBOOT Program is the most popular program we run and it is so beautiful to watch couples reconnect and fall back in love with each other.

Would you like to take a deep dive into your romantic life, share the reality and the challenges that your relationship brings? Come and have a chat, it's FREE so take us up on the opportunity.

We are excited to meet you. 

Much love,
Naomi & Martin x
Hello and Welcome to our Pre Wedding Wisdom Workshop.

A workshop designed to give engaged couples the opportunity to explore the fundamentals required for a happy and harmonious relationship now and for the many years to come.
How would you like to come and invest some time in your relationship and learn and build strong foundations for your future together.

Divorce sucks... We know, we have both been through the process and it has sparked up a drive in us to try to prevent anyone else from going through the same thing.

Over the course of 4 weeks we explore the fundamental five 'C's' for a happier and harmonious relationship and we encourage couples to get curious about what it takes to have a rock solid relationship before and after marriage.

We will teach you how to communicate well, understand and appreciate your differences, and prepare for any potential challenges.

We will develop personal, couple and family goals - let's get you both on the same page.

Let's highlight important issues and discuss our thoughts and beliefs about them.

Learn the art of cooperation and the strength it will bring to your future together. We work with many couples who have stepped into competition mode and are forever bickering with each other. Cooperation is key to a happier life together.

Does this sound like something you and your partner would love to be part of?
We invite you to come and get in touch for more info.

This is a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY for you and your partner to come and learn some new and exciting ways to ensure your relationship goes from strength to strength after the big day.

Your relationship may already be rock solid which is fantastic and we have really appreciated you taking a look and would welcome you to spread the word so that couples that may need some extra support know about this.

Preparation is KEY! Feel CONFIDENT as you walk into the next stage of your relationship together.

We are looking forward to getting to know you both.
Much love x
The Pre Wedding Wisdom WorkshopThe Pre Wedding Wisdom Workshop
Separation, it is hard.

You say that you are separating and instantly you hear horror stories about divorce, custody of the kids, financial struggles, confrontations with exs and solicitors... The list goes on.

We coach couples during this tough period of life to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that is separation and divorce. There can be a different way, a more amicable way to end a relationship. One where both parties are supported emotionally throughout the process.

If you are currently struggling with the coming to terms with the end of a relationship and need to talk, we are here. We have been through the process and know the range of emotions that you feel daily.

Separation and divorce does not have to be all arguments and competition. There is a different way to be where both parties work through the process in their way with the support and understanding that is required during.

Why Your Workplace needs us
Be Happy at Work Workshops

Part of our work is to get inside businesses and talk to the workforce about the dynamics of relationships within the workplace.

We spend 1/3 of our time at work so it's worth looking into how we can make the most out of it.

Is it the workplaces responsibility to keep their employees happy or at least, not make them unhappy? Is this a reasonable expectation of employers?

Research has found that people are more productive, creative and engaged when they are happy and employers do have a duty of care to make workplaces as healthy as possible where each employee feels supported and appreciated for what they do.

But, the culture of a workplace is also created by the people who work there, not just the management. If each person is happier, the end result is a happier culture within the workplace.

So what can be done to be happier at work?
This is where we come in.

We run workshops, either morning, afternoon or all day where we come in and work with groups of up to 40 people taking them through the 1 to 11 Process.

If each individual learns how to become aware of areas in their lives that they can improve in and how to work alongside others doing the same thing, a harmonious workplace culture can be created.

For more info, book a FREE call today where we would love to hear more about your ideas for creating a workplace culture that is more productive, creative and engaging.

 Huge impact, high energy, powerful results! Like receiving a hug and a kick up the bum at the same time. I’ve never heard coaches speak like this before! 


 You don’t have to change a lot to make a difference to your day. I heard Naomi and Martin speak on a presentation and have put into practice what they said about the first 10 minutes of the day. Just by changing how I think and speak in that time has changed so much more. Amazing guys! Thank you! 


 I’m one week into the Reboot Programme and I can’t believe how much has changed! It’s like a magic wand has been waved over the family. The house feels calmer which is strange because they aren’t doing the programme. It’s just me! I’m excited for the next session already! 


 I got in touch with Martin as I knew him from a ‘former life’ and knew his story and kind of what he had been through. I had separated with my wife and was struggling with the interactions we were having and was frustrated as I was only trying to do the right things by my wife and certainly my son. Speaking with Martin and meeting Naomi was a breath of fresh air! Martin could relate to me as a person as he knew me but Naomi certainly gave me that different perspective and vital impartial advice. The session was well structured, very open and informal and reactive to the thoughts I was having at that time. After the session I digested the information and changed my actions accordingly, the session helped me realise who I was and how I could help my interactions with my wife and son. The difference has been incredible and me and my wife have found common ground not just as parents but individuals and maybe even back as husband and wife,🤞🏻 for the future. I can’t thank Martin and Naomi enough, literally 1 hour speaking with them made sense of 6 months of hurt and suffering. Everyone’s time frames will be different and ‘results’ may vary, but with a little bit of work anything is possible. Thanks again guys x 


 What a great first session! I can already feel the difference and am so excited for our next session already. If anyone is hesitating about whether to get in touch with these guys then stop! Pick up the phone and message them. There’s so much to gain from this program. It’s incredible! 


 I have literally never heard anyone speak like these guys speak and wow does it have an impact. If you want a new and different approach to ‘mental health’ then have a chat with these two. They’ve blown my mind (in a good way!) Just brilliant! 


 Can I just say a huge thank you! For the first time in a long time I feel back in control of me! I'm making better choices and feeling really good about them. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all. I feel happier and excited for our next session and the months ahead. 


 I do need to tell you how much the stuff I have done with you guys is impacting my life now. Mum is really unwell atm and I have just had the busiest week of different large events I have ever had. Previously I would have not slept, been really stressed by it all, not able to cope with her and by now on my knees etc but it has all gone swimmingly!! Lot of pre planning and logistics and organising but I have definitely handled it so much better by looking at it all the Naomi and Martin way. Thank You xxx 


 After a painful break up, I had put up all my barriers, shut away my emotions and become robotic to get through each day. When my one stability of work was called into question, I spiralled and I decided I needed help. I came across Naomi's become you coaching for women Facebook group, I found a post she had written that day that described me perfectly in that moment, on the outside looking confident and strong but inside feeling nothing and no love for anything. I contacted Naomi and had a zoom chat and decided to join the just 1 to 11 it life coaching sessions. I was scepticle that anyone could help me. I would describe myself as in the worst place possible at that moment but over the 8 weeks I started to look at situations from a different perspective. I went from a 0 to an 8 over the course. I am now able to navigate life's curveball in a way I wouldn't have before, I know what I want in the future and have started to allow myself to feel the whole range of emotions again. I have also been honest with those around me about how bad it was. I didn't think anyone could help me but Naomi and Martin helped me to help myself. For anyone who feels lost in their busy life, has experienced any event that has changed you or just needs some confidence, I recommend you give this 8 week course a go. 


 I have reached a cross roads point my in my personal life and needed some guidance on how to move forwards in a positive way. It's early days but after a few sessions Naomi has already helped me identify some traits in my personality that explain so much for me and I hope to use that going forward. Naomi is a great coach who gets to the root of the block to moving forwards and makes me feel very comfortable. I can highly recommend her. 


 Thank you for always being so understanding. You have opened my eyes to a different way of being. Life feels good again. 


 I'm on it today! Feel calm and worry free because I know I'm back in control of me! Bossing it! 


 WOW! How has life just become so much clearer?! These sessions are incredible! Thank you thank you thank you! 


 I can’t recommend Martin and Naomi highly enough they are brilliant at what they do. You just have to be open enough to let them in. Do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


 This is sooooo good, helped me so so so much, when I was at my lowest this was my saving grace and I can't express to everybody how worth while those 8 weeks are!! Thank you so much you amazing, nutty and inspirational pair! x 


 When I decided to join the ‘Just 1 to 11 it’ life coaching sessions, I was scepticle that anyone could help me. I would describe myself as in the worst place possible at that moment but over the 8 weeks I started to look at situations from a different perspective. I went from a 0 to an 8 over the course. I am now able to navigate life's curveballs in a way I wouldn't have before. I know what I want in the future and have started to allow myself to feel the whole range of emotions again. I didn't think anyone could help me but Naomi and Martin helped me to help myself. For anyone who feels lost in their busy life, has experienced any event that has changed you or just needs some confidence, I recommend you give this 8 week course a go. 


 My parents can't believe how strong I'm being about the whole situation - and I really feel like I've become such a better person since speaking to you. ('Becoming you') is what I signed up to and I definitely have become me again! So thank you! 


 Jeeeeezzzz! I can't bloody believe what a difference being organised does to your whole life, lol! Get one bit sorted and other bits magically sort themselves out! Thank you thank you thank you! 


 We just wanted to thank you both for all of your support! 


 Thank you for providing this course and such a safe and amazing space. This has been a massive positive for me personally. I am really grateful for this group and you both. Thank you for all you've done. 


 Thanks Nay Nay and yes love hearing your cheery, positive voice. The little 'mantras' you put on Facebook and on here really help. When I feel tempted to have something I think "how will I feel after I've eaten it?" That kills the temptation immediately. I had my 1 2 1 at the gym the other day, first one since Sept last year. They were thrilled with my results and are so supportive. They gave me a 12kg kettlebell (same as the weight I've lost), made me walk around the gym with it, I burst into tears (filling up now just talking about it). I couldn't believe I used to carry that extra weight around before. Now we're starting to see people again they're noticing how well I look too. It's amazing Naomi and it's all down to you and your amazing support and positivity. Filling up again, lol! x 


 I'm having a great week after our call! Making good food choices and organised the house within an inch of it's life, lol! I own this sh*t! 


 Thank you both so much for helping me through this. I was really worried about it x 


 This is sooooo good, helped me so so so much, when I was at my lowest this was my saving grace and I can't express to everybody how worth while those 8 weeks are!! Thank you so much you amazing, nutty and inspirational pair! x 


 "Martin was recommended to me through a friend and it was just what I needed to help me regain my confidence in life. He is a true inspiration and I always come out feeling a more happier and positive person and able to cope with day to day life again. He has so much energy and is so positive and is amazing at his job. I feel as if I have gained another friend and will always be grateful to him." 


 "Martin's ability as a life and fitness coach and EFT therapist was a gift to me as I navigated my way through some major midlife changes and events. In particular, the EFT sessions helped me to come to terms with the loss of a loved one and led to improvements in all aspects of my health and general wellbeing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Martin to anyone looking to overcome emotional barriers in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Look no further." 


 "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting us in touch with Martin Pemberton. He did a storming job yesterday delivering resilience training to our teachers. The feedback has been extremely positive and we are very keen to book him to deliver the session again to our support staff in April 2020. He was a very natural speaker and very engaging. The teachers can be a hard audience and so he did a great job with them." 

LucyHarrogate Ladies' College

 "Thanks Martin for your inspiring & engaging talk this afternoon at today's NW Counselling Hub Suicide Prevention Conference. I loved your Just 1 to 11 it wellness recovery action plan.. Thanks for sharing your own personal story too" 

Suicide Matters Podcast

 "Just settling down after a very thought-provoking day at NW Counselling Hub's suicide prevention conference. I am very proud to be non-executive director for NW Counselling hub and proud of all the great work they do. Amazing speakers Thomas Mental health runner, Kyle Positive_connections and Martin Just1to11 it to name a few" 

NW Counselling Hub

 It was an honour to be able to host, alongside Nathalie Moussinga, the BHM event to kick off black history month this Tuesday at Stewarts. Martin Pemberton spoke about his experience growing up as a mixed race male and the issues that this raised in terms of his identity. #blackhistorymonth #wheredoyoustand? 

Maria TayoSenior Paralegal at Stewarts Law Firm, Leeds

 "Honest discussions and relaxed forum to talk" "It was personal, easy to understand and very engaging" "Martin was really good at engaging with all. Easy to relate to" "Martin was very open to discussion around all areas of the training. It was very engaging and enlightening" "Nothing to dislike" "Interactive. It was taught really well. Trainer very open and really knew what he was teaching. Very good trainer" 

Forviva Housing

 "Today is #worldmentalhealthday. Over 100 colleagues took part in a workshop led by former footballer, Martin Pemberton. He talked about his own experience and shared the steps he took to improve his mental wellbeing." #itswhatwedo #just1to11it 

Co-op Property

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🎙 FAB show talking all about how to ‘Let It Go!’ What are you holding onto that’s wrecking your relationships? Want calmer and happier relationships? Muchos love ♥️

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Wellness Well-being Talk


Very grateful to be given the opportunity to speak in Plymouth at an amazing Wellness event. To book us for your event, contact us via email where we can tell you more about what we speak about.

Networking Lab Interview


Loved recording this podcast with Jamie. We chatted about the ups and downs in relationships and how to make yours the best it can be! To listen in, click this link: https://anchor.fm/networkinglab/episodes/02---The-Secrets-To-Successful-Relationships-w-Naomi-Jordan--Martin-Pemberton-e1lunup

From Chaos to Calm


What a lovely way to spend an afternoon chatting all about how to calm the chaos in our lives so that we can bring to prioritise ourselves.

TED Talk Event


Awesome to be asked to represent On Your Radio Solihull at this fantastic event. What a day packed full of talks and networking. Great to be out and about!

The Wednesday Wellbeing Show


Loved this! Talking relationships, sex and the everyday challenges we face as couples in this modern day world. To listen in, click here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/705534/11003804

Get Out of Wrap


What a laugh! Mental fitness is key to leading a simpler, calmer and overall happier life. Have a listen as we chat with the legend Martin Teasdale about HOW this can happen for you. Click this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Bsmu4V_Gg3xIVlj4KLYz1694V_sRnI1/view?usp=drivesdk

How to manage your relationship and the work/life balance.

Live Zoom

How much fun was this! Talking to a gorgeous group about managing your relationship and the work/life balance. We just love doing these talks!