17 Jan

That’s it I’m done,

Fuck it demon, you’ve won.

Take me then, I won’t put up a fight,

I’m tired now so shut off the light.

Time to sleep and not awake,

I understand, know what’s at stake.

I’ll leave this place, loved ones and friends,

Please forgive me, I can’t make amends.

Please don’t think bad,

Even though you’re sad.

You couldn’t have done more,

I know the score.

Know what it would mean,

Knew I wouldn’t be seen.

Understand I’m at rest,

You all did your best.

It’s me who let go,

I just didn’t know.

If I could take anymore,

The pain, it was sore.

Never feeling enough,

Constantly trying to bluff.

To pretend I was ok,

Repeat day after day.

Didn’t want your concern,

Didn’t want you to learn.

How I felt about me,

What I could see.

A man without much to give,

A man who didn’t want to live.

Not the courage to try,

Constantly breakdown and cry.

Such a sensitive soul,

Eventually it took its toll.

Please forgive me if you can,

I was just a broken man. 

Pem x

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