08 Jul

What a year! Highs... Lows... Double lows... Highs! 

I’ve heard people talk about a “rollercoaster of emotions“ but never fully understood how long the ride can be? 

But does life always have to be made up of highs and lows with the occasional loop the loop thrown in along the way? 

I believe the answer to this is no... Life can be ok, always, if you begin to practice the art of gratitude. To be thankful, to show appreciation and to return kindness to the world regardless of how others are being towards you.

Gratitude begins with you and how you talk to yourself... 

Have you ever uttered the words “I’ve GOT to do”?  The school run? The supermarket shop? Exercise? Visit family? 

How about we change one little letter in that sentance...

Next time you hear yourself saying “GOT”, change it to “GET” and the meaning and way of thinking towards your task changes 🙌🏻

“I GET to do the school run”

“I GET to do the food shop”

“I GET to exercise”

“I GET to visit family”

Be grateful for all that you GET to do. Time changes everything eventually and no one knows how long that is. Practice the art of gratitude daily, it’ll soon become your go to emotion. 

Gratitude - it’s moral, feels great and keeps you healthy. But being grateful isn’t just good for you - it might just hold the key to a more peaceful world. 

Thank you for reading. Much love ❤️


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