10 Jan


Nobody else can stop you, they can only slow you down,

What is your decision? Only you can wear the crown.

We blame and point the finger claiming how it’s so unfair,

A victimised mentality will leave you in despair!

You expect to be an equal, highlight inequality,

Is that even possible with individuality?

How can we be equal, no two people are the same,

Not within a gender, race or same last name.

Where we should be equal, is with our respect,

For ourselves and others then we can connect.

Appreciate how different, beautiful, unique,

Instead we argue and we fight, join a little clique.

Then we point the finger, blame the other side,

Complain about what we should get and how somebody lied.

So what is your decision? Only you can wear the crown,

You’re the one who stops you, other people can only slow you down!

Pem x

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