11 Oct

I feel like Michael Douglas in the movie falling down,

Where I could take these feelings and really go to town. 

On anyone around me or who gets in my way,

I wouldn't even hold back with any words I'd say. 

I'd tell them what's in my head, I wouldn't tell no lies,

I'm not sure they could handle it they'd have to dry their eyes. 

Would I feel any remorse, sadness or regret? 

Not the mood that I am in, I wouldn't give a shit.  

I've taken crap for far too long and turned the other cheek,

Bit my tongue and walked away like a frightened little freak. 

Pushed the real me way down deep so I wouldn't cause a scene,

Didn't want to act like a nob or come across as mean. 

What I've done is swallow my pride,

Instead of standing up, I've run and hide. 

And all to make other people feel good,

Many of them have been my blood. 

No more I say I'm through with it,

Not being me for the sake of it. 

It's taken 41 years of being stuck,

I can finally say I just don't give a fuck!

It's time to let the real me free,

I'll say what I want and call what I see. 

To keep it real, some will think I'm bad,

Better that way than me going mad! 

Martin Pemberton

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