23 Jun

Fat, fat, fat and ugly too,

What is the actual point of you?

These were the thoughts spinning round in my head,

From the moment I woke until I went to bed.

Oh I would smile and pretend everything was ok,

As I went about all I had to do that day.

Sorting the kids and doing the school run,

Meeting for coffee, pretending life was fun.

Feeling useless, fed up, tired and sad,

Life in my head was making me mad.

I couldn’t see a way out, was this really me?

Was this how life is? Was this reality?

Am I going to be fat forever, and always feel this way? 

Just go on a diet, this is what I would say.

But going on a diet and doing a HIIT,

Isn’t that easy when you’re feeling so shit.

Because it’s not about the food and the alcohol I said,

It’s what’s going on in the inside of my head.

To create a different results you must first address why,

You don’t choose the salad and instead choose a pie.

When your thoughts are sad and your head is a mess,

You just want to hide and have a binge sesh.

Which just makes it worse, you feel guilt and shame,

And around goes the cycle of self sabotage and blame.

Until one day I decided that this was not going to be, 

How I would continue living, this was not my reality.

What could I do different to get a different result?

Sort out my head first of all, even though I wanted to bolt.

To face myself and what I was doing was really quite shit, 

But it was this realisation that changed everything bit by bit.

No one will do it for you, change is down to you, 

And this is very empowering and here’s a little clue.

You are already making choices that are creating life day to day, 

What if you changed those choices and tried a different way?

You might not believe me, and you really don’t have to,

But I am standing here and speaking directly to you.

You’ve got the power within you to go and lose that weight,

Be brave, stand tall and confident and start speaking straight.

When you sort out the issues that are going on in your mind, 

I promise you my lovelies, your body won’t be far behind.

So reach out and start speaking about what is going on, 

Time is ticking by and could very soon be gone.

Rid your mind of the weight and your body weight will follow, 

It can sometimes be a bitter pill to swallow.

Because if you feel trapped and this is not how life should be, 

Know that you are causing this and this will set you free.

Free from self loathing, criticism and all of the above,

Go create the world you want, one full of peace and love.

Naomi ♥️

If any part of this resonates with you, I get you. 

You don’t have to stay stuck. Get in touch, let’s chat when you’re ready ♥️

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