09 Jan

I am you & you are me,

We’re all connected but just don’t see. 

We divide & bicker, scream & shout,

What are we doing? What’s that all about?

Be kind to another is being kind to yourself,

That feeling of connection is the great wealth. 

That we’ve forgotten, ignored, dismissed,

We’ve placed it at the bottom of the list. 

Greedy for money, possessions & power,

Trying to reach that ivory tower. 

An illusion that’s causing us so much pain,

Most of that pain is in our brain. 

A brain overloaded by this thirst for more,

A thirst that goes against the natural law. 

Laws of the universe, timeless & true,

Laws that connect us, me to you. 

The ego is rife & on a rampage,

It needs to be placed back in it’s cage.  

If not then our species will not thrive,

Will not exist, we won’t survive. 

Maybe that’s our purpose, maybe we’ve done this before,

We better wake up before earth shows us the door. 

No life on Mars or any other place,

That’s it, we’re over, floating in space. 

Never to return, we had it all,

Just like Humpty Dumpty, we had a great fall. 

Time is of the essence, if not now then when?

To reconnect & come together again. 


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