09 Jan

It’s coming for you,

No matter what you do. 

You run and hide,

Bury things deep inside. 

You cling and resist,

The pain still exists. 

Just let it through,

Each moment a new. 

Opportunity to grow,

To reap what you sow. 

Live in the now,

If you don’t know how. 

Be happy no matter what,

This is the way, I kid you not. 

Live a life without conditions,

Expectation or petitions. 

You’re living on borrowed time,

Denying it is the crime. 

You won’t admit this cause you’re scared,

You’d just go live if you really cared. 

Or understood the gift you have today,

At any moment it will be taken away. 

So while you’re waiting for the perfect time,

The clock of death sounds another chime. 

Time will pass regardless of what you do,

It’s your life so that is up to you. 

I hope your life is full of hope and peace,

Remember you only have it on a lease! 

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