30 Sep
Life in Season

Autumn leaves, winter sun
Hazy hills, nature's fun
Seasons change as does life
Mainly joy, sometimes strife

The colours dazzle, I'm in awe
They will return in winters thaw
The dark sets in like down a mine
See it through, just give it time

Winter is beauty, crisp and white
There's plenty of darkness, also light
Take the time, use your senses
Appreciate, drop your defences

Beauty and wonder all year round
When spring comes you'll hear the sound
Birds and nature start to thrive
Sleep is over they come alive

Greens, yellows, purples and whites
These are just a few of the sights
That spring up to announce the  arrival
Of the thing essential for survival

Moods, demeanor, attitudes improve
Summer is here, we're in the groove
Lighter mornings, lighter nights
Happier people, shining lights

Martin Pemberton
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