10 Jan

Learn to accept what’s outside your control

Letting go is the only way out of that hole

The hole that you dug or indeed found yourself in

That’s irrelevant now you’ll have to take it on the chin

It’s happening or happened, can’t turn the clock back

Your first port of call is to go on the attack 

First it’s with others, we blame and complain

Sometimes ourselves, caught inside of our brain

We suffer, we struggle, internalise our fear

We isolate ourselves, don’t let anybody near

Convinced that we don’t want to burden family & friends

Is that actually true? Well I guess it depends

Would they be a burden if it was the other way around?

Absolutely not is what I have found

So pick up the phone, make a call, write a text

You maybe surprised with what happens next

By letting go you in fact get so much more

You’ll get love and support like never before! ❤️

Pem x

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