12 Jan

There's times that I still struggle,

as the black dog closes in.

Sometimes he comes from nowhere,

I cannot let him in.

He gets my scent and tracks me down, there's nowhere I can hide,

In one fell swoop he rushes in like he never left my side!

Maybe it's because he never did and I ignored that he was there,

But now he's back to take a crack and hope that I will scare.

Or cower away and run a mile just like I did before,

He nearly took me out the game and rocked me to the core.

But I survived and I prevailed, he couldn't get rid of me,

And all the while he's been there waiting so patiently.

For my guard to drop or run out of gas,  

Time for me to speed up cause he's on my ass!

Stalking me with every stride,

Gotta keep running  cause there's nowhere you hide.

Hopefully he'll tire and slow,

Or even stop, turn around and go.

Leave me for a little while,

So I can breathe, maybe crack a smile.

I may even relax and enjoy the peace,

Relieve the pressure, feel the release.

Then back to working on myself,

Keep in good condition, improve my mental health.

So I'm stronger the next time he visits me,

Or have better vision to help me see.

When he's prowling, ready to strike again,

Each time I get better his attempts are in vain.

For now we'll agree to disagree,

Until I like him and he likes me.

I really long for such a day,

Until then we'll go our separate ways!

Pem x

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