24 Feb
The Demon

Can't you be lazy just like me?
Wouldn't you rather be watching TV?

Questioning why I got out of bed
Discouraging voices playing in my head!

Pushing and coaxing trying to persuade
Encouraging, constantly so I'll evade

The things that I know I should really do
To take me next level  and improve the view

Why are some driven and some of us not?
Finding consistency means diddly squat!

To me right now, I'd rather just chill
That's one side of me talking while getting the thrill

To do what I wanna do not what I should
Couldn't give a rats arse if I'm misunderstood

I'm sick of this pursuit and all that it brings
I feel like a puppet, I don't want these strings

I want to be free and rid of it all
I want to escape and break through these walls

That keep me confined and keep the demon in his cage
He's dying to get out and release all his rage

He's capable of anything if he gets out of here
He'd destroy my life, I know that is my fear

He's tried it before and I know he'll try again
So far his antics have all been in vain

I'm his guardian and jailer I hold all the keys
Sometimes he berates me in the hope that I'll freeze

Maybe I'll crumble, maybe I'll break
I know if that happens my life is at stake

The demon is ruthless, he shows no remorse
He's filled full of anger through his veins it does coarse

I know he is plotting, he knows I'm on edge
He knows if he keeps pushing I'll fall off the ledge

He's done it before and I nearly got lost
In the deep dark abyss my life was nearly the cost

That is what happens when he is in charge
I feel like I'm tiny and he is so large

But somehow I discover my way in the dark
I find out his weakness, there's no bite just a bark

That really he's frightened so scared of the joy
He tries to reduce me from a man to a boy

He knows that's my weapon to put him back in the cage
He knows love's my answer to all of his rage

So I choose to forgive him he hates that you see
He loses his tight grip, it cannot hold me

Once I forgive him I take all his power
The taste that I leave him with ain't sweet, it's sour!

I banish him back to from whence he came
I know it's never over for that is the game

To combat the darkness with nothing but good
To change the emotions that run through my blood

Goodbye to you demon, I'll see you around
I'll turn down the volume so you can't make a sound!

Martin Pemberton
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