22 Jun

What is this 1 to 11? People usually ask

It’s a philosophy & start point to help with any task

Many look outside themselves, they blame and they complain

When we play the victim, our energy does drain

We take away our power, have feelings of despair

Or anger & resentment, start pulling out our hair!

So the vicious cycle, we think we can’t outrun

We lack the understanding that if you run you’re done! 

What we fight we strengthen, what we resist persists

Some of us eat our feelings while others just get pissed! 

That doesn’t solve our issues, just temporary relief

Long term it’s much more damaging, we lose hope and belief

In ourselves essentially, that we lack the skill

We do have the ability, it’s just we lack the will

To cultivate the courage in taking that first stride

I am not criticising, for months I lied & cried

What I then discovered, the thing that scared me most

Was through my admittance, that’s it, the end, I’m toast!

But what actually happened, by learning to accept

I was able to move forward, not quickly so I crept

I started to recover, I thought I had it cracked

But then a relapse hit me and put me on my back

I’m not the quickest learner, the rise and fall again

“I’ve had enough of this” I thought, sick of all the pain

So then I thought I’d figure, see what was going on

What I did when things went well & not when they went wrong

Was it just coincidence, eleven things I found

“Win your battles 1 to 11”, in my mind the sound

That’s what managers told us when we played the game

That is when it struck me, life is just the same

It ebbs and flows, defence, attack

On the front foot or on the back

One decision changes the game

Can’t change it so stop with the blame

The crowd on your back, baying for blood

Shouting obscenities, saying you’re no good

This is what goes on in some of our heads

Decide if whether to live or decide to be dead

That’s been my experience some of the time

Now I accept it, used to feel like a crime

So that is the starting point, where it begins

ACCEPT any failings, misgivings or sins

Forgive those around you, what’s happened in the past

If you can’t do that, the pain, it’ll last 

After you’ve done that, then look deep inside

You’ve played your part in this, don’t try to hide

Next was COMMUNICATION, I wouldn’t explain

Wouldn’t listen either, guess what? Pain remained

Therefore no movement forward, “nobody’s helping me”

How ya gonna get SUPPORT? The ‘I’ never becomes the ‘we’

You continue to point the finger, blaming everybody and everything 

Easier to do that than look inward cause that does sting!

Once you start to realise, employ that GRATITUDE

See what you’ve got to live for, there’s improvement in your mood

Next you check your VALUE’S, see if they’re aligned

With how you’re currently living, I wonder what you’ll find?

Implement some GOALS so you have some direction

Even if it’s getting up, just set the intention

The goal maybe, “how will I get through today”?

What is your plan when you wake up this way?

What were you doing when you felt at your best?

How did you learn to pass the test?

Did you have STRUCTURE, a plan or process?

Or just see what happens? Life now appears a mess!

They say that success, well, some say it leaves clues

So what are you doing when you don’t have the blues?

Once you have it figured, you’ll know what to do

Follow your plan, how to see it through?


So do their opposites which determine where we land

That doesn’t mean we’re stuck there or have to stay

With COMMITMENT to your goal then you can change the way

You feel & think about yourself

It’s all about you, nobody else

You are your problem but that is ok

You’re also your solution so remember today

You are the manager of your own football team

Let them work together to achieve but one dream

Work with them daily, watch how things change

It will not be instant, that isn’t strange

Rome wasn’t built, just like you in a day

We didn’t just suddenly wake up and feel this way

It happened over TIME, we just ignored the signs

Couldn’t see it happening, didn’t read between the lines

You’ll stumble again, maybe you’ll fall

Isn’t this part of the game after all?

What is the 1 to 11 people ask

It’s a philosophy & start point to help with any task. 

Martin Pemberton

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