23 Jun

Who Are You?

What just popped into you head when you asked yourself that question?Mother? 







*Insert career here*?

These are all 'identities' or 'labels', roles that we play day to day, roles that we believe are 'us'. We take on these labels as we move though life which can then box us in and keep us prisoner.

But what if I asked you to look deeper, to the person who you truly are.  The person who is desperate to come out but you keep caged for fear of being disliked, talked about or outcast from your social circle.

That's the person I'm talking about.  

So who are we?

True identity is formed through self awareness, by letting go of conditioned thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves. When you challenge long held beliefs you have had about yourself, you start to choose the ones you want to keep and the ones you wish to rid yourself of.  Which are true beliefs and which are not? Your identity evolves over time and is a journey of self discovery and self exploration. You might venture from one extreme to the other to then find your true identity lies somewhere in between.  To discover your true identity, surrender your formed image of self and allow the authentic, 'true you' to emerge.  Your 'true you' remains the essence of your being at core level, it cannot be weakened or destroyed.  Discard those destructive ideas, beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you and transform them into positive ones. 

You give power to the identity you focus on, make it your best self. 

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it" - Buddha

Firstly, make peace with who you are not, the person you feel others want you to be. Then, start being who YOU want to be. Who you are is YOUR decision to make. Develop new habits, push your comfort zones - if you want things to change then first you must change. Once your true identity is found, it can never be lost since it has been present from the start, just hidden away. Go find it, begin living!


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