27 Jul


I'm not going to try and tell you what you should do because we're all unique and what works for one person won't necessarily work for the next. What I am going to do though is tell you my story from my perspective. Why and how I found myself in a depressive and anxious state to the point where dying seemed like the best option up to where I find myself today, feeling better and with some semblance of control in my life! My hope is that you can identify with my story and pick out the parts that are relevant to you.

Many thanks

Martin ( Pembo)


I fell in love for the first time at the age of 8! It was a relationship that would take me to some amazing highs and to some devastating lows.

A relationship that in years to come would teach me so much about life and would be the basis for me creating a philosophy or framework that would save my life.

That love was Football!

I started kicking a ball around probably before I can remember I'm sure but my first memories are of being around 7-8 years old and having this amazing feeling which is difficult to put into words. Things on the pitch seemed very natural to me and at that age I just assumed that everyone could do those things. It was only later that I started to discover that wasn't the case. I could do things that others couldn't with a football at that age. I had good control, I was quick but could run with the ball and I knew where the goals were!

Football for me represents so much about life and that's why I believe it's one of if not the most popular sports in the world. The length of the game or a season can represent every year of our lives.

There's 22 players on the pitch

11 on your team

Each player has a role within the team

To win the game you need the majority of your players to win their battles

You have supporters for and against you

The match officials are neutral but can have a profound effect on your game just like karma and fate if you believe in those things. 

The ball represents life and wherever it is on the pitch determines what your players have to do.

The rhythm of games ebbs and flows, as does life. Sometimes your confidence is high and you're playing champagne football, in an instant something out of your control happens and it's all hands on deck, you're defending for your lives! It's the same with life, everything is going your way, you're on top of the world and then WHAM! Something happens to throw you out of your stride, it's all going wrong and you're just focusing on getting through the next day, hour or even minute! What I've found in football and in life is that nothing lasts forever, the champagne football or the mad scrambles to keep the ball out of the net. Once you understand these patterns then you can apply your own philosophy and strategies and that's what I will share with you in this book.

To form strategies or solutions to anything then you first of all need a level of self awareness & acceptance before you can begin to change.

Before we do that I need to take you back in time and to give you some context of what life was like in 2013 because it was very different to what it's like today.

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