24 Feb
Man up!

I'm a man, me
Can't you see?
Strong and brave
That's why I behave
Like I do
In front of you
And everybody
So that they can see
That I'm a man, me
Can't you see?
It's my job
To act like a nob
When I'm scared
Acted like I never cared
Or when I get mad
Because I'm really sad
Don't do emotions see
I'm a man, me
Can't you see?
I have to be tough
When I feel I'm not enough
So I look strong
So I can belong
Won't give you a kiss
Or the lads will take the piss
Won't ever cry
I'd rather die
Abuse I'll hurl
So they won't call me a girl
When I'm upset
Just can't let
Them see that side
I've got too much pride
So I go and hide
Behind anger and rage
I was taught from a young age
That this is how you deal
If you ever start to feel
Any kind of emotion
Or get the notion
To be kind & loving
Or you'll take a drubbing
Be called & classed as weak
If those tears start to leak
Pretend there's dust in your eye
When you really want to cry
So you get angry & mad
That's how you act when you're sad
Sad thing is it won't end well
You'll end up in a living hell
So learn to talk, tell them how you feel
I know it's scary and a big deal
It's the best thing you will ever do
Save your life, improve other's lives too
There's nothing wrong with being on your knees
You're still a man then, can't you see?

Martin Pemberton
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