30 May
Mixed Up Me

I am not black I am not white
And I must say I take great delight
In just being me, a different breed
Not needing to belong to a race or creed

It's never been an issue just being me
It's not my concern what others see
I've never thought where do I belong?
That would just feel kinda wrong

That doesn't mean I'm not aware
That I haven't noticed the occasional stare
From those less fortunate than me
Who live in past, no ability to see

That they were only scared of what they didn't know
From this fear hate would grow

I remember once when I was just a lad
An incident in town which was really sad
I was with my mum just walking around town
When this guy saw fit to try and put her down

"Black meat lover" he yelled and screamed
Virtually frothing at the mouth, unstable it seemed

He made my mum cry, I can still picture it
What a scumbag he was, I felt the need hit!

A brave human being picking on a woman and child
The anger and rage within me wanted to run wild

Powerless I was just a young boy of eight
I could have punched & kicked him, I was so full of hate

That someone could do that to my mum
A wonderful woman, it just made me numb

It's always stuck with me, so vivid and clear
Anytime I think, is like I am back here

Back in the body of that eight year old boy
With nothing to defend his mother except some little toy

Please stick with this story as it doesn't end sad
Is just an example of something bad

That happened to me much earlier in my life
Before I even dreamed of kids and my wife

I'm a 'man of colour' if you're allowed to say that
Defining of my race has come under many a hat

Half cast in the early days evolved to mixed race
It used to make me giggle as they tried to find a place

Next it was dual heritage, I wonder what is next
Why do we all need labels my black side is getting vexed!

There is no box to go in, not one that defines me
I class myself as hybrid, that's all I ever see

A man who's been so lucky, loved by black and white
It's given me such perspective to feel and see what's right

It doesn't even matter what colour or creed you are
Just be a part of the human race and you'll never stray too far! X

Martin Pemberton 
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