Lucy:Harrogate Ladies' College

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting us in touch with Martin Pemberton. He did a storming job yesterday delivering resilience training to our teachers. The feedback has been extremely positive and we are very keen to book him to deliver the session again to our support staff in April 2020. He was a very natural speaker and very engaging. The teachers can be a hard audience and so he did a great job with them."


Suicide Matters Podcast:

"Thanks Martin for your inspiring & engaging talk this afternoon at today's NW Counselling Hub Suicide Prevention Conference. I loved your Just 1 to 11 it wellness recovery action plan.. Thanks for sharing your own personal story too"

Suicide Matters Podcast

NW Counselling Hub

"Just settling down after a very thought-provoking day at NW Counselling Hub's suicide prevention conference. I am very proud to be non-executive director for NW Counselling hub and proud of all the great work they do. Amazing speakers Thomas Mental health runner, Kyle Positive_connections and Martin Just1to11 it to name a few"

Maria Tayo:Senior Paralegal at Stewarts Law Firm, Leeds

It was an honour to be able to host, alongside Nathalie Moussinga, the BHM event to kick off black history month this Tuesday at Stewarts. Martin Pemberton spoke about his experience growing up as a mixed race male and the issues that this raised in terms of his identity. #blackhistorymonth #wheredoyoustand?

Maria Tayo

Forviva Housing:

"Honest discussions and relaxed forum to talk" "It was personal, easy to understand and very engaging" "Martin was really good at engaging with all. Easy to relate to" "Martin was very open to discussion around all areas of the training. It was very engaging and enlightening" "Nothing to dislike" "Interactive. It was taught really well. Trainer very open and really knew what he was teaching. Very good trainer"

Forviva Housing


"Martin's ability as a life and fitness coach and EFT therapist was a gift to me as I navigated my way through some major midlife changes and events. In particular, the EFT sessions helped me to come to terms with the loss of a loved one and led to improvements in all aspects of my health and general wellbeing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Martin to anyone looking to overcome emotional barriers in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Look no further."


"Martin was recommended to me through a friend and it was just what I needed to help me regain my confidence in life. He is a true inspiration and I always come out feeling a more happier and positive person and able to cope with day to day life again. He has so much energy and is so positive and is amazing at his job. I feel as if I have gained another friend and will always be grateful to him."

Co-op Property:

"Today is #worldmentalhealthday. Over 100 colleagues took part in a workshop led by former footballer, Martin Pemberton. He talked about his own experience and shared the steps he took to improve his mental wellbeing." #itswhatwedo #just1to11it

Co-op Property