What is 1 to 11?
The 1 to 11 is a philosophy and continual assessment toolkit for SELF RELIANCE, MANAGEMENT and TRANSFORMATION.

Self reliance is the ability to depend on yourself to get things done and to meet your own needs.
Self management is the management of or by oneself. It is the taking of responsibility for one's own behaviour and well-being.
The combination of both of these leads to Self Transformation.

These lead to:
  • Improvements in Well Being, mentally and physically
  • Improvements in relationships both personally and professionally
  • Builds resiliency day to day leading to the ability to deal with life situations
  • Improves workplace performance
  • And much more!
Being self reliant isn't just about meeting your physical needs every day, for example, cooking dinner or getting yourself dressed...
Its about meeting and managing your mental needs also. By becoming self reliant in our minds and managing our way of thinking, we free ourselves from fears and stresses that we encounter every day by using and applying the 1 to 11 Toolkit to any situation.